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Career direction

To make a career transition, it is essential to understand yourself.  Particularly in these areas:

  • What you would like to accomplish in your life                                                 (Life goals)

  • What you most want in a career                                                                         (Career values)

  • the one thing that a career must have for you to find that option satisfying (Career Anchor/s)

  • Skills you are good at and enjoy                                                                         (Motivated skills)

These are the areas that the Career Coach will explore with you one-on-one if you decide to work on Career direction. 

Deep questioning and evidence based exercises will draw the answers out.

Once you have nailed these 4 areas, it makes it a lot easier to consider options.

It is also important to assess your motivated skills to determine whether they are transferable.

Common transferable skills include:

  • Analysis: Ability to assess a set of data and draw important insights

  • Communication: Ability to write and speak clearly and persuasively

  • Selling: Ability to negotiate, and close a deal?

  • Judgment: Knowing how to make decisions and take appropriate risks

  • Problem-solving: Skill at assessing a business problem and creating a plan

  • Leadership: Mobilising a team to accomplish a meaningful goal?

So many of us wait until we need to secure a new role and then start to make the necessary preparations. This is something that we need to be doing constantly so that when we want to move, we are ready to implement all the steps. Networking and passively looking at roles should be happening all the time and your resume should always be up to date.

A useful way to consider a move is to look at people who are working in the role you are striving to secure. If you analyse their backgrounds, you will get a good feel for what works in terms of education or competencies and how many steps it will take to reach your goal. If you are too far removed from your goal, you could volunteer to acquire the competencies you are lacking and therefore bring yourself closer.

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