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Group Students Smilling


I really like the help which I got from CIHE Career Services.  The Coach is so flexible with time so friendly and works with positive thoughts.  She helped in many ways on how to pass our interviews and how we get the jobs in Australia.  I learnt that if you really want to do something, you can achieve that and I know different websites to find jobs.  The results were so positive.  Now I started liking Australia, finally!

Anjali Jaiswal

Karen is such a kind-hearted and helpful person. She has a generous attitude and polite speech which never ceases to amaze everyone.  She helped me to get a job with numerous possibilities in this pandemic when I was dealing with financial problems.  There are many lessons definitely worth learning when helping others out, but some of those lessons aren’t always the “give-you-a-good-feeling” type.  Often times I found myself being hurt, but I also found myself smiling and feeling happy more than I did feeling hurt.  Ultimately, I got my job, paid my Tuition fees and also helped my other friends to get job.  It’s a big Thank to our Career Coach, Karen.

Roshit Rai

The CIHE Career Services helped me find my correct career path.  Karen, the Career Coach

provided the correct format of resume which is very helpful.  The 1-on-1 session provided helped boost my confidence level in terms of interview.  I learnt that applying is easy as long as you are guided by the correct person.  I was hired and have a good and stable job now.

Rose lorraine Nair

The CIHE Career Services was a great help especially for international students like me who are unfamiliar with Australia job hunting and the interview process.  Karen helped me with my CV and gave me some tips for job interviews. She also encouraged me to send follow up emails to check the status of my application.  I learned how to properly make a CV and how job interviews are done here in Australia.  After Karen encouraged me to follow up with my application, everything went well with my application.

Patricia Karla Parguian

Thank you for your hard work.  The CIHE Careers website is very helpful and really resourceful with all the resume templates, essential links for memberships and blogs you have provided.  I really appreciate how you have included all the necessary materials for the students and it has encouraged me even more to strive for the best. I will always be grateful.

Risaa Karki

Group Students Smilling
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