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internships and opportunities

  • In the final semester of your degree, you may be able to choose either an internship or an elective subject  

  • An internship is an ideal way to apply what your studies have taught you in a practical setting

  • CIHE has an agreement with a specialist internship provider and has assessed examples of their intern work

  • Working with an employer, you will undergo a reflective practice to strengthen your professional identity

  • Your Career Coach will facilitate your relationship with the internship provider

  • Contact your Career Coach at the beginning of your 2nd last semester to arrange this exciting opportunity!

To learn how to search job boards, view the podcast in the footer to this page.

View the PDF on the right for a list of less frequently used job boards.

One option worth considering is an 18 month experience with the NSW Government:

Check out this summary on student employability by Student Job Australia 

This topic is important to understand before taking on any work: Understanding Australian workplace culture

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